Tech: Introducing The Mixfader Bluetooth DJ Crossfader

Over the past couple of years there have been a slew of DJ apps that have made their way into the Apple and Android app stores and even a few slick pieces of hardware like the Pacemaker that have empowered anyone with a smartphone or tablet to mix a couple of tunes together. Let’s face it, without the tactile feel of DJ hardware it’s really hard to get a sense of what it really feels like to blend or scratch. The folks at DJIT in France are looking to begin to bridge that gap with the introduction of the Mixfader.

Mixfader is the first standalone Bluetooth crossfader that pairs with a dedicated DJ app. With this little gadget and your phone you can literally mix and scratch anywhere….anytime. The design and development team sought the expertise of two-time DMC World DJ Champions, 9 O’Clock, to ensure Mixfader was up to par.

After unveiling Mixfader at this year’s SXSW Festival, it generated a ton of press and nearly 2 million video views. Fast forward a few months and Mixfader is the star of a Kickstarter campaign so that the hardware and software can be finalized for shipping this fall. Backers have the opportunity to get their hands on one before the general public. At time of publishing, they’ve already eclipsed their $50,000.00 USD goal and are well on their way to doubling it. Learn more here.