Tech: New Smartphone Photography Experience With The DxO One Camera

Paris, France and San Francisco, California-based DxO operates under the mantra that photographs are more than pictures. Their global team of scientists and engineers create products and technologies that help to transform everyday moments into enduring memories. Over the past decade, DxO’s team developed some of the most powerful imaging software, hardware, and professional services for photographers of all skill levels. Their latests innovation, the DxO One, is set to take smartphone photography to the next level.


The DxO One has broad range appeal for professional photographers as well as enthusiasts. Although iPhone photography has improved drastically over the past few iterations of the beloved smartphone, there are still limitations that irk some folks. The compact (2.65 inches tall, 1 inch wide, and 2 inches deep) DxO plugs directly into your phone and takes over image capture duties and empowers users DSLR-level capabilities. This little gem is jam-packed with goodies including a 1-inch image sensor, LED touchscreen on the back, a six-blade aperture iris, six-element lens, and 11.9mm focal length (equivalent to 32mm in full frame). Pretty impressive for something that fits in the palm of your hand.

The DxO One is specifically built for Apple’s iOS ecosystem (sorry Android users). It is set to ship in September for those who pre-order now for $599.00 USD. A bit pricey for some but for those budding Instagram stars out there, this could be really attractive.