Mobile: VHS Era Is Back With Camcorder App By Rarevision

If you’re a child of the ’80’s, there’s an app on the market that will take you back to the glory days of VHS. The brainchild of Los Angeles-based post-production software and services company, Rarevision, the VHS Camcorder app has become quite a topic of conversation this week. Using the app to capture the moment, Wiz Khalifa’s people filmed him getting arrested at LAX for riding a hoverboard in the airport. Once that hit the web, the downloads ticked up big time. Within 10 days of launch in the App Store, the app had already hit the number two spot in the paid apps list. Considering it’s $3.99 USD price tag, whatever it cost for design and development has certainly been recouped and then some.


Thomas Worth, the app’s creator and president of Rarevision, has been doing post-production and effects work for the movie industry for years and is known for his ’80’s-inspired aesthetic. Once the idea came to mind, he dove head first into researching every facet of the VHS era so that he could replicate the authentic look of user interface and video quality of the JVC GR-C1, the first camcorder to feature a built-in VHS tape deck (most famous for being Marty McFly’s camera in “Back to the Future”). Mission accomplished.

VHS Camcorder app features:

– On-screen date and time graphics (actual date/time or a fake date/time from the past)
– Zoom lens feature
– Easily share videos from within the app or through Camera Roll
– Built-in clip viewer for playing back, deleting and sharing clips
– Widescreen recording option
– Choose your frame rate: 24, 25 or 30
– HD video recording on iPhone 4s and newer devices (1080p requires iPhone 5 or better)

Pick up the VHS Camcorder app in the App Store now. Android is coming soon.