Gear: Line Phono Launches Kickstarter For Turntable Station

The folks over at Line Phono launched the Kickstarter campaign for their baby, the Turntable Station, and blew out their $10,000.00 goal in just a couple of hours. Pretty impressive for a piece of furniture. Targeted at the audiophile audience, the Turntable Station is a highly functional audio furniture solution dedicated to the vinyl lover. The brainchild of the guys behind Turntable Lab and designed by ‘a renowned architecture firm,’ this beauty makes a great addition to pretty much any space (home, apartment, office, store, etc.) with its durable construction and flexible usage.


The Turntable Station makes use of a hybrid wood/fiber material called MDF which is the same stuff used in most audiophile turntable bodies for its durability and vibration-dampening qualities. It has a matte look to it with some textural/speckled characteristics when you give it a look up close. With a combination of interlocking parts and minimal hardware (nuts and bolts), the Turntable Station doesn’t take long to put together and ends up being quite sturdy.

The turntable shelf at the top is suited to house most standard turntable models from the large format professional models like the Technics 1200 to the host of entry level decks on the market. The shelves underneath provide ample room for your amp, accessories, and a bunch of records. They’ve even added a hook on the side to hang your headphones and/or extra cables.

At the time of publishing, they’ve got 25 days to go for the Kickstarter campaign. At just over $70,000.00 USD now, they have more than enough funding to get these bad boys out this fall to early adopters. There are still plenty of opportunities to donate in return for getting one of these beauties ahead of the public. You’ll save $50.00 of retail price if you act quickly.