Film: Watch The Exclusive Teaser Trailer For “SOMM: Into the Bottle”

“History, wars, food, cost, ego… Can there be any other business where there’s so much bullshit?”

The majority of us wine snobs have seen the film “SOMM” more than a few times on Netflix since it’s release a couple of years ago. As you’ll see from the exclusive teaser trailer below, the follow up “SOMM: Into The Bottle” (also directed by Jason Wise) will feature some of those who secured their Master Sommelier certificates in the prequel but the focus will remain on the magical grape juice itself. The hope is to educate and unravel some of the mysteries of the wine world along the way.

Although we don’t have a set release date yet, Goldwyn Films will be distributing “SOMM: Into the Bottle” in theaters sometime this year. Stay tuned.


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