Film: eGarage Presents “Midnight Rambler” Featuring Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker is a fascinating entrepreneur who has built multiple successful brands/businesses around his passions and by trusting his gut. No better person to tell his story than the man himself. A short documentary aptly titled “Urban Outlaw” put Walker on the map for the masses. A portrait of the rags (literally) to riches journey that Magnus Walker has been on for the past 20 years or so. This is his story.

The folks over at eGarage teamed up with Walker to document a run on one of Walker’s favorite runs – a loop around downtown Los Angeles. Between the hours of 10pm and 4:40am the eGarage crew captured some killer footage of Walker in his beloved custom 1971 “Martini Racing Edition” Porsche 911T. The result – “Midnight Rambler.” You can clearly see why this would be therapeutic for him. Hardly a car in site. Enjoy the ride.

Also worth watching is Magus Walker’s TEDx speech at UCLA last year. He delves a bit deeper into how trusting his gut at pivotal times in his life lead to him turning his dreams into reality. Inspriational stuff.