Film: Indiegogo Campaign Launched To Complete DJ AM Documentary “As I AM: The Life And Time$ Of DJ AM”

Adam Goldstein’s impact on the art of DJing and it’s culture is immeasurable. His place in music history is cemented by his epic work ethic and Jedi-like skills as a turntablist. The man knew no boundaries and absolutely put dance music on the radar of many crowds here in America via his genre-bending club and festival sets. A tragic loss indeed.


Given full access to DJ AM’s laptops, journals, and personal collections by Adam Goldstein’s mother, director Kevin Kerslake was presented with the opportunity to tell DJ AM’s story. An early cut of “As I AM: The Life and Time$ of DJ AM” premiered at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival and will close out the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival later this week. The film not only chronicles Goldstein’s rise to fame as a celebrity DJ but also reflects on his struggle with addiction and devotion to helping others with the same affliction. In line with auctions tied to DJ AM’s extensive vinyl and sneaker collections, a portion of the film’s proceeds will be donated to the DJ Memorial Fund which is linked to the Grammy Foundation as well as MusiCares. Both programs support music and addiction recovery treatment.

“As I AM” isn’t a finished product just yet. The filmmakers have recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to help fund the music licensing, marketing, and distribution which would push it across the finish line for all the world to enjoy. The perks assigned to the various donation levels are pretty epic. USB drives stocked full of exclusive mixes, one-of-a-kind items from his personal collections (sneakers, vinyl, vintage t-shirts, artwork), and the grandaddy of them all….the custom Daft Punk costume that he wore for his 2008 HARD Haunted Mansion set which set the internet on fire. For a cool $50,000.00 USD, you can own the personal costume which was handcrafted by Daft Punk’s tailor with Thomas Bangalter’s blessing. The “Discovery” era premium black leather jacket has the custom ‘DJ AM Funk” studded logo on the back and you also get the exact replica Bangalter chrome helmet. Pretty insane opportunity for a super fan with a lot of disposable income.

The documentary includes interviews with a host of DJ AM’s friends and peers, including Mark Ronson, Diplo, Jon Favreau, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Mix Master Mike, A-Trak, and more. Check out the first sneak preview of the film below and head over to the Indiegogo campaign page to sort through the donation options.