Film: DC Shoes Presents Chris Cole’s “Never Been Done Before”

Hands down, Chris Cole is one of the best who’s ever done it. The 2013 Street League Champion has had a long tough road to success though. Cole’s upbringing, as well as his rise to skateboarding superstardom, has certainly been rough around the edges.

There’s a documentary on Chris Cole on the way called “Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story” which delved pretty deep into his struggles growing up in Philly in parallel with his intense passion for the sport of skateboarding which, in the end, pulled him through some tough times. Something to be said for focus. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Adam Bhala Lough and featuring a ton of skate legends, the film sets out to inspire viewers to follow their dreams. Check out the trailer below. The film is set to hit iTunes on June 23rd. Pre-order it here.

Now onto the main event. This promo for the release of Cole’s latest pro model sneaker for DC Shoes, The Cole Lite 3, is absolutely bonkers. Aptly titled “Never Been Done Before,” the clip features a slew of tricks that have literally never been done before. Insanely technical stuff. Check it out.

In addition to the forthcoming movie and the release of the new sneakers, Cole just joined the team of skateboarding’s elite talent at Plan B Skateboards. His first three new pro boards are available in shops now as well as on the Plan B website.