Watch Stand Out Performances From Sónar São Paulo 2012

Ahhhh….the beauty of the web. Great to see the major festivals posting quality footage of performances. With ticket prices on the rise it’s not feasible for everyone to be able to afford a two or three day music binge. Last weekend a slew of music’s most exciting bands, DJs, and producers made their way to Brazil for Sónar São Paulo 2012. Footage is still being published so we’ll most likely add a few more here. In the meantime, check out a set from DJ Marky vs. DJ Patife.

Photo: Resident Advisor

  • Syreetabriggs

    Woah…. DJ Marky!!!!

  • Eduardo

    Hey Morgan what’s up! Nice post! I kind of regret for not going. Only a 1 hour flight from here. But I’m still paying for california trip/coachella though… I’ve heard that Cee Lo Green was terrible but everything else was really cool to awesome.

    • Eduardo!  Looked like a great festival.  Unfortunately they took some of the other videos down due to labels complaining.  

  • Moijoijoij

    how come some of them are set as private??

    • Looks like Sonar got some complaints from labels so some of the videos have been shut down unfortunately…